About Ed Jutsu

Firstly, let me tell you something about myself.

I quit my daytime job in exchange for a very exciting job that will never ever part me from my son and my wife. And because I used to work commuting from San Pedro to Mandaluyong five days every week taking up about four hours every day sitting on a bus, a tricy or just plain walking around 700 meters, with a heavy laptop and a thick hard-bound book on my back; I would never had to do that again. Although, I miss the heavy load on my back which I got used to because I was thinking it’s some sort of training for myself for my climbing activities.

I had to admit it that at first, I had worse withdrawal symptoms and there were lots of negativity happening in my mind during that time which affected me and my family. Due to the thought that somehow moulded me into thinking and getting used to, that having a daytime job is the norm.

I always listen to my wife whatever she tells me and she gave me the encouragement in order to realize that it’s okay- we will be a happier family travelling around without worrying of taking over-the-quota vacation leaves and a reprimand from the boss. I had an excellent boss. And at the point when I decided to quit; it was during the time there is a new boss. He was a total A**hole! (And yes, with a capital A).

I see myself earning $10,000 a month in one to three years.

I am actually working from home or anywhere where I’m travelling to; of course, with my family.

I’m doing website projects, and optimizing them according to my clients goals, and along the way I’d be glad to share some few tips to make it the best website ever.

I want to work with dynamic people in different fields who are in need of my skills in web development; my dream clients are the ones who stays with me and are expanding so fast because there’s a synergy created between my work and my client’s enabling the both of us to earn more.

There will be basically two kinds of people who will visit my site: those who will be looking to hire somebody like me, and the other, who will just look around about what this website is about and then will start to think about building his/her own website, and would get really interested about the idea, and if I’m lucky enough, he/she would probably sign-up to my mailing list to get future updates; and if he/she is really that impatient- would message me right away in Skype or hangouts. Either or both would probably ask about tips right away and I’d be happy to share some caring right away. I would not be sure if I end up getting hired by him/her or gets a different person other than me. Well, I he/she hires my wife then good! If not, I’d be happy to just know I was able let that person think about something.

Now about this site...

This site, from the time of its inception will be growing in different directions, much like a human being does depending on what you teach that person, what you give, what parameters or circumstances are present, and who are his teachers. 

I think it's best that aside from myself, I'll be asking different sorts people to write or contribute based on their own fields of interest and or expertise, or just about anything that makes them tick; while at the same time promoting their own professional services who at the current doesn't have or is looking for a platform.

I also want this site to become a medium to showcase my portfolio on web development with the idea of offering simplicity and lessen the cloud of complexity among undecided clients.

Want to work with me? I’d love to hear from you.

Eduardo Bedural, Jr.