Make Your WordPress Website "Conversion Focused"...


A lot of websites are developed everyday. Thrive Architect is just one of those website builders but it doesn't take away your freedom to use others as well. Thrive Architect, since its release, has never been more design focused as it is now. Lots of flexibility and possibilities to make your site and landing pages become more and more appealing and with the best practice in mind- guides its development to focus on the essentials, so your site and landing pages remain simple, optimized and conversion-focused.


Wordpress runs 28% of the world's entire Internet. It just means a lot of people are putting their trust on this platform.

Landing Pages

A lot of marketers don't rely on websites to put up their business. The Landing Pages style is one of the most simple and conversion focused tools.


Thrive Architect works well with native Thrive Themes (10 of them), but works well also with most Wordpress Themes.

Facebook Pixel

Better track your pages using facebook pixels. Making it more compatible and integrated with your facebook page.

Mailing List

One of the best features of Thrive Architect is its ability to build your mail list using the popular mailing list services available.


Building Amazon affiliate niche sites have never been so fun on Thrive Architect. The product reviews are amazing using Thrive Architect elements.