Welcome to Ed Jutsu!

Welcome to Ed Jutsu!

As a first post, it would need to be the Welcome. Anything starts with a welcome, like you don’t just barge in to a house without the welcome thing. If you are not welcomed, then you should not proceed. And so, I welcome you here to my new projects “house”, the site Ed Jutsu.

Firstly, Ed because it’s short form of Eduardo, and a borrowed Japanese word “jutsu” which means- a skill, techinique, or a method. It’s an action word and so this Ed Jutsu would need to be in motion, continuously improving and helping people, giving them outlet to useful information or inspirations.

As of now, there is no exact niche, it would be anything so the direction it takes would be a result something it goes through. It can be tech, why not? It can be health? Or it can be just anything else.

And with this post, I’d like to take to invite people in, preferably people that I know, who has this urge to say something useful but doesn’t have access to a blog media- well I’m here to help them. I want this Ed Jutsu to become a community of people who share their experiences in travel, fitness, technology, or simply people who wants to give inspiration by having gone through difficult stages in life. People who want to share their perception of things or places. Or, maybe novelty ideas. And of course, not for purposes illegal in nature.

I always believe that when you share you gain something in return. Like in teaching. It is said that when you teach, you learn twice. Thanks to Joseph Joubert for that very good quotation.

“To teach is to learn twice.”

Joseph Joubert

So here at Ed Jutsu, when you will to impart something of yourself, you gain friends who also impart something of themselves. So it would be a fruitful community. Sharing and gaining knowledge and learning the techniques to practice that knowledge with the support of the Ed Jutsu community.

It would be exciting to anticipate that when people come together to share their ideas, it will basically enable them to fulfil a part of their life, a feeling of completeness. Is it a dream come true? Well, maybe not. I can only say now that for sure, when you collaborate with me, you could end up being a blogger. And what I mean by blogger is the positive aspect of it.

I am moved by this cycle: learning, doing and sharing. And repeat afterward. It’s the continuous learning cycle. We may not even realize it but, if we did something which is really nice after having learned it, the sharing should be done. If not, it’s like we just end things with us and not really being an instrument for others to learn as well.

Ok, I won’t elaborate more, I just want some of my friends to work with me and become a blogger. That’s it! I’m looking at a number, and it doesn’t make use all of my fingers. I will be looking especially at the beautiful mind and its views into the world. Talk with me, you all have different needs so one good thing to offer may not be always good for another. Like, for example, I’m willing to make your own portfolio page on Ed Jutsu enabling other people to contact you directly. How cool is that?

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